Soundscapes has gone VIRTUAL, but we need your help to continue providing music at a time when our students need it more than ever.

Soundscapes is still operational - with one big change: our teaching artists are working with our students online, through Soundscapes Virtual.

When Virginia schools were closed on March 16, our staff were already hard at work finding the most accessible way to keep music learning and Soundscapes friends in our students’ lives.

We did a survey to identify which students had access to high-speed internet (lots of them, in fact!) and set up a Google Classroom platform for them to use. We are working closely with our families to make sure the children know how they can pick up lesson plans and videos created by our teaching staff for every level of instruction, including private lessons!

Now especially, with their classrooms and concert halls closed, our students need the joy they find through music available in their homes. We are doing our best to provide this continuity and reassurance!

At the same time, this crisis is having a severe impact on our ability to fund our program. We are having to cancel events, and individuals and businesses that have already been hurt by the current financial crisis are not able to support Soundscapes the way they would like. If you are able to help us keep our students playing, please consider making a gift at this time. Thank you!